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Team B - The Lost Son Free EP

Great news guys, the people from Beirut, Arcade Fire, Stars like Fleas, Twin Thousands, Free Time and Jealous Girlfriends have combined their creative genius and released a 9 track EP which can be downloaded at absolutely no cost. Team B was not a rushed project and was not born yesterday either, they have been working on this material for about four years. I have not had time to listen to the complete album but what I have heard so far is amazing! Another interesting fact about The Album "The Lost Son" is that the every songs lyrics have been derived and adapted from the Pulitzer prize-winning poet Theodore Roethke. Below are various links and due to the awesome nature surrounding the lyrics, I am also including links to the songs lyrics, which I do not normally do but just remember that it is almost like reading a poem,  I hope you enjoy. FireFly
Lyrics for each track (If available)


Calvin Ramsey (TooRoads) said...

Sick! Im definitely going to snag this! Nice find!!
Yes, haha I skate. Skating, music, and writing are pretty much my life outside of my Christianity.
I definitely was not feeling that remix of two, it sounded like a pre-set song that comes on one of those cheap keyboards. It took away from the sentiment of the original song. Idk haha
thanks for the encouragement. Keep dishin your stuff out too man. Really enjoy this blog

Fire Fly said...

Cannot agree more, the remix was super lame dude! Yeah it is cool that you are into Christianity not many people are anymore, I am one of those... Just lost my way along the road! Thanks for the kudos!

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